Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HATO Medical Notebook

MSI (Micro-Star International) has manufactured a a revolutionary notebook, which supports ECG (electrocardiogram analysis).

Called HATO, (H eartbeat A udition T ransceiver O n-the-Go), it is a medical laptop with built-in ECG (ElectroCardiogram Analysis), that allows for immediate monitoring and diagnosis on the patient’s electrocardiogram record.
It is capable of recording and storing ECG signals of professional quality level, generate different levels of alarms, and forward the alarm messages with the recorded signals to relevant health care providers by wireless communication.

Moreover, HATO's 3G-enabled wireless solution means that there's no need to go and see the doctor personally or even go to the hospital for check-up. Through 3G, patient and doctor are connected at all times and in all places. It can help overcome several challenges such as physical distance between doctor and patient, overcrowded hospitals and longer-than-average hospital stays.

Furthermore, patients can self-administer most tests and allows them greater freedom, yet making it possible for their doctor to monitor their health.

MSI's innovative HATO is a new concept in portable ECG, offering a comprehensive suite of ECG interpretation and analysis programs.
It is designed to record and transmit in real-time a patient's ECG information to appropriate medical staff or doctor for initial diagnosis and professional medical advice.

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