Monday, September 10, 2007

Reminder Watch & Medical Alert.

Reminder WatchThe 12 alarm wristwatch and electronic medical alert bracelet is a popular and very practical medical gadget from e-pill Medication Reminders.

With up to 12 Daily Auto-Repeating Alarms, a Medical Snooze Alarm that repeats every 3 minutes and a Medical Alert ID that functions like an electronic medical alert bracelet, the e-pill CADEX Medication Reminder watch is a great aid to those patients who need to take medications at a certain periods of time.

Designed for Diabetics, Epilepsy, Parkinson's or Aphasia patients it is complemented with an optional Electronic Diabetes Bracelet (medical alert bracelet) and a Medication Reminder (pill timer) for patients of all ages.


  • Up to 12 Daily Alarms (auto reset - repeats every day at the same time)
  • Alpha Reminder Message (up to 36 characters)
  • Beeping Sound
  • Medical Snooze (every 3 minutes until medications are taken)
  • ALERT button displays Medical ID (medical alert) databank
  • Medical ID databank (Medical Information)
  • Normal time & date function
  • Easy to read display (large text/numbers)

The Medical ID Databank stores critical health information (similar to a medical ID bracelet).
Simply pressing the ALERT button it displays:
  • Name and phone number
  • Medical Information (diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, aphasia, hemophiliac, Parkinson's etc)
  • Allergic reactions (penicillin, bee sting, peanuts etc.)
  • Emergency contact and phone
  • List of medications, blood type, date of birth
  • Doctor's name & phone
  • Insurance company & policy number

Watch below an instructional video and a quick-guide:

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